Author: Freddy

The situation required a great deal of thought and ingenuity

My partner plus myself have an aged home without conventional ducting. The architecture makes it impossible for the two of us to install ducting. For multiple years, every one of us had noisy window air conditioners + terrible baseboard heaters. They didn’t look great plus they were often and efficient. Our home was easily uncomfortable […]

Large properties have extraordinary heating bills each month

I recently learned about variable refrigerant flow and how it is used for heating plus cooling large commercial properties. They require different Heating in addition to AC technology. I became seriously interested in variable refrigerant flow technology after I attended a Conference on the subject. I found out that you can customize the indoor temperatures […]

When the ductwork has holes, the heating bills will be high

The heating in addition to air conditioning suppliers seal the supply Plus return vents and then pumped high-pressure air into the ductwork that has adhesive particles that helps heal all of the ductwork as soon as the air conditioner comes on Everyone in my family upgrades the air filters every two weeks and maintains the […]