Author: Freddy

My outdated space gas furnace has an smell everytime I use it after storing it

After insulating my attic from the elements, I decided to make an effort to keep it clean and use it for storage. Before I came up here to make my improvements, there was enough dust and cobwebs in here to fill the bed of a pickup truck. I used my shop vacuum and filled the […]

Washable cooling system filters can contaminate and injure your air handler’s components

Too often someone gets cheap just to save a dollar, and ends up spending much more in the long run with fixes, repairs, or replacements. My school roommate tried to forgo oil changes in her outdated Pontiac Grand Am. With over 300,000 miles on the engine, she could not afford to mix a single oil […]

I put my essential oil diffuser near my Heating and A/C air return

By the time the cooling system is finished with its cycle, you will have a pleasant essential oil stink in every room I never thought that I would become obsessed with essential oils love I am now. I always bought and burned candles in my apartment, especially while in the Wintertide holidays. My closet is […]

I find a lot of dog and pet hair in my cooling system filters after a few weeks

Although I have always been obsessed with pets, I had never actually owned a dog or a pet until my girlfriend and I moved in together last year. She was homesick and missing all of her pets at her parent’s house. I had everything from fish tanks to gerbils and rabbits. Secretly I always wanted […]

Could my electric furnace be the cause of high energy bills?

Over the last three months, I have noticed that my energy bills are through the roof. I know something is causing this inflation but am not sure exactly which electrical appliance is the culprit. So I decided to contact an electrician to assess the situation for me. He established that the culprit was none other […]

The helpful guidelines from the HVAC repairman saved me from a horrible winter

My unit had been acting up for a while now, I always seem to be in contact with my technician all throughout the fall. A few weeks before winter, I decided enough was enough and so I started looking around for a new unit. There were a few things I needed to consider before selecting […]

We are so energy efficient now, we put energy back onto the grid

Lately, I have been learning about energy efficient HVAC systems and green technology in general. My wife and I have been talking about doing all sorts of things. We have a good amount of land so we thought maybe we could install windmills and solar panels for getting off the grid. We didn’t enjoy having […]