Author: Freddy

The radiant barrier was a great solution for our costly energy bills

Climate change certainly isn’t a joke, and we basically had to learn the hard way last summer… We live in a generally dry section and experience overheated hot seasons. We had chosen to relocate to the area a decade ago for work. It was much different from the section all of us grew up in, […]

I suffered a workplace accident with air conditioning system repair

I awoke some time later in the hospital The last 2 months I had not been feeling okay however it did not assume appreciate anything harsh so I just took some OTC medication & then continued going to job at the air conditioning system company. On Thursday afternoon I was feeling a bit faint however […]

It was time to Upgrade to a ductless temperature control system

The new work was going on at the same time the air conditioning system team were also now working on uninstalling the old air conditioning system. It was twenty years outdated & faulty. Both of us had opted to upgrade to a ductless temperature control unit. Our whole renovation project turned out to be a […]

Before both of us opened the doors of our law firm to the public we needed AC

Christo & I opened our law firm. He specializes in company law & family law. Christo & his partner were running their own small company although he still had a burning passion for practicing law. I, on the other hand, had been at work for a pressing law firm. The job there was so much […]