Author: Freddy

I can’t believe all the HVAC systems that is available these days

I suppose I’m just a traditional sort of guy. I have a rather traditional life, I live in a traditional household, & I have undoubtedly traditional expectations out of life. I do not suppose that Innovation is actually in my blood. This is undoubtedly the reason why I have had the same job for approximately […]

I can’t stand the temperature control settings at the medical office

This particular day has already been the longest one of my week! I absolutely was thinking that I was going to get the most of my stressful activities taken care of on Friday, but instead I found myself dealing with a huge amount of complications this day. If you are similar to me at all, […]

The situation required a great deal of thought and ingenuity

My partner plus myself have an aged home without conventional ducting. The architecture makes it impossible for the two of us to install ducting. For multiple years, every one of us had noisy window air conditioners + terrible baseboard heaters. They didn’t look great plus they were often and efficient. Our home was easily uncomfortable […]