Can’t suppose a single of the window installers hopped on the outdoor condenser unit

These windows would help with our energy bills immensely in the peak heating and cooling seasons

I was absolutely proud of myself after I installed a ductless mini cut on my own. I didn’t need help from anybody; no friends, no Heating, Ventilation, and A/C experts. Of course, I’m no certified contractor, although I kind of felt appreciate it afterwards. I even had friends of mine asking if I could install ductless mini splits in their homes. I laughed and said I’d rather not because it wasn’t the easiest thing to do to be honest. I was legitimately uneasy about the electrical connections and I’m not sure if my heart could deal with another upgrade anytime soon. Well, when I decided to get quotes for modern windows in my house, I wasn’t legitimately satisfied with the first couple of quotes. That was until I found a contractor with fantastic reviews and giving myself and others prices that seemed unbelievable. Of course I went with this contractor after they promised quality windows for a legitimate price. These windows would help with our energy bills immensely in the peak heating and cooling seasons. Well, the main installer was a nice woman and she did fantastic work, then her worker on the other hand had some troubles. This woman was swearing appreciate silly with my kids around and I kept having to tell him to please refrain from that language at my house. When I saw him jump on my condenser unit to install a window, I asked him why in the world she didn’t just use a ladder? She didn’t have a fantastic reason, although I gave him a piece of my mind, but you don’t just mess with people’s property appreciate that, ya know? The other woman apologized and even gave us with a discount on the window upgrade for the trouble.

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The floor cleaning company is regularly busy with new clients

When I started a similar Supply Company of my own, I did not realize there would be so many different competitors in the grout and floor cleaning industry

The first job I had listed on my resume was helping out my parents with their dry cleaning business. I hated that arena because I felt love I was always having to smell chemical fumes inside of the large building. It provided every one of us with a couple of bucks. My parents needed someone to help out on the payroll and we were cheaper than hiring an extra employee. Since they were our parents, everyone of us never said no when they wanted something done. Every one of us are ecstatic because they really pushed US during these years to learn and also develop job ethics that will intensely work for us. At this time, every one of us desired starting a company. Everyone of us wanted to stick around with the things that we knew. Every one of us gravitated towards cleaning floors and grout. This happened after accepting a summer job a single year ago. Every one of us found that cleaning the floors was actually something we enjoyed. Out of sheer serendipity, the owner plus myself hit off our professional relationship. When I started a similar Supply Company of my own, I did not realize there would be so many different competitors in the grout and floor cleaning industry. My successful go out and floor cleaning company handles many property management groups. Most of the time we work on house rentals, Apartments, plus condos. Every one of us would not have nearly as many purchasers if it were not for our grout and tile cleaning services.



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I love working on art projects

I didn’t have a lot of room left so I had to find a shop space for rent.

When I was young, my mother told all of us that we could do anything we wanted. She was easily speaking about our drawing ability. Drawing and other forms of art have always come very easily to the both of us. Every one of us improved our art skills by practicing everyday. We also tried other art forms like paper mache plus Pottery. When we went to college and joined a club, it was an arc group and everyone of us learned expensive tips to help us improve. When every one of us were older, every one of our previous jobs so we could work on artskills all of the time. Every one of us were accepting commission projects as well as selling sculptures and other goods online. I was actually making a heap of money. I was working on several different projects and making multiple things. I didn’t have a lot of room left so I had to find a shop space for rent. There were plenty of shop spaces for rent, but the prices were certainly one of the biggest issues. Every one of us wanted to expand on our skills by trying different types of mediums, but that meant for sure that we needed to work in a building where we could have multiple projects going on at the same time. After every one of us found the right commercial space for rent, we knew the business was only a matter of time before we were dealing with a serious or Gallery & Studio.

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Sunset is in 90 Minutes and I’m Ready for the Sand!

I like to get down to the beach about 30 minutes before sunset to get relaxed and just people watch.

This is a good city to watch people because we have a lot of characters floating around.

One homeless guy rides his bike around with a cat in the back in a small cage. He takes that car everywhere and I know they are the best of friends. There are a bunch of skaters and surfers too, which is why I like this town so much. It reminds me of the old Cali days back in the 70s. I got my heat pump repaired recently and the heat is just cranking out of the vents as I type. I used to live in an old flat that had no heat or AC and it would get stiflingly hot in the summers to the point where I could not sleep well. I swore back then that I will never live in a place without central heat and air ever again, and I stuck to it. I just finished cooking my dinner and shopping, I also vacuumed the whole flat so everything is all tidied up again. It’s time to play! I am going to set my smart thermostat while I am at the beach so it goes on a few minutes before I come home. This way I am not wasting energy heating up the place while I am still at the beach. It only takes about 15 minutes to heat up the two rooms that I will be using later.


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I Have a Good HVAC Brand Heater in my Flat Now

I may need to keep my heat on a low setting tonight because I have some house plants that don’t fare too well in the cold nights.

I’m making some dinner now before I go to the beach for sunset. I like to have my dinner pre-made so when I come home I just need to heat it up a bit and I am all set. Tonight I am going to have pasta and spaghetti sauce with some rosemary chicken. It’s a good combination and if you haven’t had it yet I suggest you try making it. Chicken seems to go together with tomato based spaghetti sauce quite nicely. I’ll rinse down a couple beers with it and finish watching my Frozen 2010 horror from last night. A few weeks ago I had to install a new heater, and I must say, it is working very well. It’s funny that I chose a horror movie with the name Frozen on such a cold winter night, but I feel like watching some movies about the cold, since I can relate right now. I may need to keep my heat on a low setting tonight because I have some house plants that don’t fare too well in the cold nights. I have a new programmable thermostat so it should be easy to keep the temperature exactly where I want it, especially on sub zero nights like tonight. I really like the cold winters because when I used to live in the south it was never that cold in the winter. I never had to run my heater when I lived there either, and I would just turn it on to make sure it still worked every now and then.

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Garbage Disposal Jam Culprits

Because you rely on your trash disposal to speed through kitchen cleaning activities on a regular basis, it may be aggravating when it becomes clogged.

Even if you don’t instantly recognize what’s causing a humming disposal, it’s usually an easy remedy.

If you hear your disposal humming, it’s more certain that there’s a jam somewhere inside the machine than that it’s time to replace it. If you recently cut a melon or sliced fruit with a pit near your kitchen sink, the seeds or pit may have dropped down the garbage disposal. You most likely heard a thud sound from a fruit pit, but seeds may be sly. Seeds will take root in the damp environment of the disposal and clog the blades if given the chance. While your morning coffee may keep you going all day, it has the opposite impact on your disposal. Over time, coffee grounds dull the disposal blades. When it comes to eggshells, it’s not only the shell that causes a clogged trash disposal, it’s the stringy membrane as well. It can also leave a lasting odor that you’ll have to clean. As a result, it’s recommended to dispose of eggshells in the garbage rather than the disposal. Allowing cooking oil to cool and harden may be a nightmare for disposal blades and produce drain blockages that are tough to remove. If your garbage disposal is buzzing, the drain is clogged, and there isn’t a solid object stuck in the blades, grease might be the problem. Fortunately, keeping your waste disposal clean to lessen the likelihood of a blockage is straightforward. Fill your sink with 2 cups of ice and 1 cup of salt, turn on the water, and run your garbage disposal. This should be done at least once a month to maintain your waste disposal free of clogs.
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Choosing HVAC over college, for the win!

I went to college for exactly one semester.

At the time, I was pressured into going, by my teachers and my parents who kept telling me that everyone needed to go to college.

At first I went along with it, but after that first semester, I knew it was the wrong choice for me. I didn’t like it, first and foremost, but also I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life. Taking random classes with no purpose is not a smart use of resources. Speaking of resources, it costs an ungodly sum of money to go to college! I felt that trade school was a smarter choice, and left college to study HVAC repair. My parents lost their minds, but I didn’t let it bother me, because even with the base starting pay working for an HVAC contractor I could afford my own apartment. You won’t get rich from working on HVAC repairs, but the industry by and large pays very handsomely. The truth is you can get rich eventually, which is why so many HVAC techs become contractors themselves. In other words, there is a lot of upward mobility in the HVAC industry, but you can;t make it to the top unless you start at the bottom. As it turns out, the “bottom” of the HVAC world still pays a living wage, something not many businesses can say these days. There is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice, and my folks will eventually see that being an HVAC tech was a smart choice.



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Teaching my daughter the importance of heating

My oldest daughter just turned eight, so I felt that this was a great time to start training her on the necessities of life. When you live a rural, remote lifestyle like my family does, that means learning how to take care of your own needs. Although we have the capacity to drive to the store that is an hour away, for the most part we grow or shoot our own food. We have a well for water, and cut down trees for firewood. Since Savvy is old enough, it’s time she learns about some of these things, because if she can’t provide her own heating, she won’t be able to do anything else. She understood that eating meat meant going hunting, but she didn’t understand that without heating to cook the meat, it was basically useless to them. Heating is the basis for life, before all other needs our safety and comfort must come first. To that end, learning how to make a fire under any circumstances , to provide that heating for cooking and warmth, was the keystone for all survival techniques. Man requires fire, it’s what sets us apart from the animals. To make sure she understood how to do it perfectly, I put Savvy in charge of heating our cabin for the whole week. She had to tend the furnace, chop wood for the fireplace, and make sure that the ducts and flue were cleared. By the end of that week, she knew every heating system in the house like the back of her hand, and I knew I’d never need to worry about that skill again.

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I got to use my old HVAC skills again

I enjoyed my retirement for about three years, give or take.

After working for almost forty years, I was so excited about retirement.

I didn’t want to move down south, just to stay on my farm and spend the rest of my life doing nothing. For the first two years, I did love it. I worked in my garden, started growing some marijuana plants, did some renovations on my house, and tried to keep busy. Eventually I got bored, so I wanted to find a productive way to spend my time. I never thought I would miss HVAC repair work, but that is how it shook out, so when duty called, I started doing my old job again. My neighbor Hank has a fair amount of livestock, and experienced some issues with the heating systems in his barns. During the winter, those heating systems are essential for keeping your animals alive and safe during a hard freeze. You can’t use fire, or regular space heaters, because then the animals might damage them or break them. More than one local farmer has lost a barn, a house, or livestock from a faulty heating unit, so we all take them pretty seriously. When Hank needed some help figuring out his heaters, I was more than happy to grab my tool kit and take the lead on the investigation. What I miss about HVAC work is using my mind and my hands to fix mechanical problems. Growing pot is great, don’t get me wrong, but I like the satisfaction I get from repairing HVAC equipment.


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Preparing for the winter freeze

This cold snap came absolutely out of nowhere, didn’t it? I don’t know if it was a polar vortex, or just a strange high pressure system, but the temps dropped by thirty degrees in the space of five hours.

We lost a lot of plants outside, because we didn’t see the cold weather coming.

Ordinarily, we don’t worry about the cold too much around here, but when it hits, it definitely hits hard. The weather lady on TV says we have a whole week of this to look forward to, lots of ice and sleet, but no snow. I like to get an annual HVAC inspection and tuneup before the heavy weather arrives, but I was caught flat footed this time. I am not too worried about it, because I do have some back up heating systems I can use if need be. Like I said, I just would have been more comfortable with the green light from my trusted HVAC tech. Since I have been a customer for years I am hoping to book one after this cold snap, but I know at that point heating inspections will be in high demand. I have three space heaters, one for each of the bedrooms, so even if there is a furnace issue we will be fine. There is also the stone fireplace, which only has enough firewood for a few days, but that should be enough for now. They say plan hard and fight easy, well I can attest that it is certainly true when it comes to your heating during the winter.

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