The striker for the ignitor switch was rotted

When you have a gas furnace, he is created by lighting a fire with the gas.

The heat from the fire creates the heat you feel and or home.

Sometimes problems can happen to keep the heat from working properly. Last month I had some issues in my home with the furnace and I realized that I was going to have to fix the problem on my own or call a repair shop. I decided to investigate the problem on my own before calling an expensive repair service. I found a list of problems that can keep the furnace from working. I located the ignition switch and I saw the striker plate for the fire. The striker plate was completely rotted and worn out. It was made of metal, but the metal was crumbling as soon as I touched it. I felt this was the part that needed to be fixed. Unfortunately, there were no places in the city that offered these parts to residential customers. They only supplied parts to commercial contractors. I had to call the heating repair company to have the changes made. It seemed like highway robbery, especially since I could easily fix the problem on my own. At least the repair came with a 30-day warranty on the parts and labor. I know the job was done correctly the first time and that gives me some peace of mind. Still, I would have preferred to save the $150 and complete the repair without the help of a professional. It doesn’t seem fair that I can’t access furnace replacement parts just as easily as the business owners.
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My wife moved out and now I can keep the house as cold as I want

My wife and I were married for 10 years before we got a divorce.

Things were pretty good for the first couple of years.

Both of us were working full-time and we hardly saw each other except at night. When my wife mentioned having a family, I put on the brakes. I told her that I was not ready to make that step. I think that was when the problems in our relationship began. She did not expect to hear that I was not ready for children. She never got over that and it was easily the beginning of the end. We started to argue about the craziest things. Sometimes it seemed like we were arguing just so we had something to discuss. There came a time when my wife and I got into an argument about the heating and air conditioning system. I absolutely like that the temperatures are cold in the house. My wife never had a problem with the indoor temperatures until we started fighting about everything in our relationship. I finally had enough and I told her that it was time for one of us to leave the house. I would have happily been the person to go, but she decided to go back to her parents house. Now that my wife is gone and moved out, I can do whatever I want with the air conditioning system. I can turn the thermostat all the way down to 68 degrees and I don’t have to hear anyone complain. It feels lonely and cold sometimes, but I’m still happier without her.

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I misread the flyer and called the wrong number

There was a flyer on the bulletin board at the grocery store.

The flyer was from an HVAC repair company. The flyer said they were offering $69 tune-up specials on heat pumps and AC units. I had a heat pump and AC unit in my home and it sounded like the perfect time for a tune-up. I contacted the company to make an appointment and they told me that I did not qualify for the special savings. I didn’t realize that I misread the flyer. The flyer actually said the tune-up was only available for customers using the downtown location. I called their location on the east side of town. When I called the location on the north side of town, I found out that they were not having the same special. I thought it was very odd and crazy that one of the HVAC branches was having a special, but the other one did not want to honor the price point. After all, the places were owned by the same company and both located in the same city. I found it to be quite annoying and upsetting and I decided to contact the corporate office for the HVAC industry so I could give them a piece of my mind. It felt very misleading and much like false advertising. The customer service person on the phone agreed with my assessment of the situation and offered to get the corporate office involved so we could get to the bottom of the problem. A few days later, I actually got a call from the corporate headquarters.


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The new logo has beautiful bright and vivid colors

My heating and AC repair company has had the same boring logo for the past 15 years. I didn’t have a lot of imagination when I came up with the logo. I wanted something basic that people would understand and know is associated with heating and AC repairs. A friend of mine was working at a print shop and he helped me print the logos and banners for my business. A couple of months ago, my wife decided to surprise me and she had a graphic designer work on a new logo for the HVAC repair company. She surprised me with four different voices. Each one of the options were equally as nice as the last one. It was hard to make the decision. I decided to let my wife pick the logo that she liked the most. The colors on the new logo are bright, vivid, and eye catching. The new logo looks amazing and it really stands out on the side of our repair truck. We took the truck to the print shop and they made a vinyl wrap for the side. I’ve received several compliments on the new logo and design. I didn’t know if all of the updates would actually increase sales, but it seems more than apparent that these changes are going to lead to increased sales and more company presence in the neighborhood. The blue and red colors are bright and they can be seen from the highway or from the street. There is no mistaking the fact that the truck is for heating and air conditioner repairs.

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I found the problem, but I still couldn't fix it(blown breaker)

It is very expensive to be a homeowner.

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to buy a house and have a mortgage, but there are other expenses involved.

I consistently worry about repairs that need to be made in my home. I never have enough money when something breaks down so I have to find a way to make things work. I had an issue with the furnace a couple of months ago. I tried to fix the problem on my own. I followed a list of troubleshooting advice that I found on the internet. One of the problems that I noticed right away was a breaker that had been flipped. It was the exact breaker to the HVAC system. I tried to flip the breaker back into position, but it would not budge. Instead of calling an HVAC Service contractor, I decided to call an electrician. I told the company about the breaker and the furnace problems. They agreed that they were likely related and sent someone to help with the electric and heating problems. Nut breaker needed to be replaced. It was as old as the house. After the breaker was replaced, we didn’t have any problem getting the furnace to come on. The electrician recommended replacing all of the breakers in the box, due to their age. It’s going to cost about $600 and I don’t have that money right now, but it’s at the top of my to do list. If I win the lottery, that will be the first thing I do.




After the day I had, I didn't want any more problems

Work was a nightmare on Monday.

I wasn’t ready for the week to begin in the first place and I wasn’t ready for everything to fall apart at 9 a.m.

either. 15 minutes after I arrived at work, my boss sent for me to join him in the office. The first thing he asked was if I had seen the newspaper that morning. I grabbed the paper from his desk and I saw the headline. I knew we were in big trouble. One of our top investors got cold feet and decided to take his money somewhere else. This investor was supposed to give us two hundred million dollars for our new business venture. I spent all day on the phone and in meetings trying to figure out how we could fix the problem. I was tired and exhausted by the time I finally got home. I took the last train back to the house and walked through the door at 9:30. All I wanted to do was grab a cold beer and sit in front of the television for an hour, but the universe had other plans for me. I came home to a warm indoor atmosphere and the air conditioner wasn’t working. I checked a couple of things like the thermostat and the breaker, but I’m not a technical person. I deal with facts and figures and numbers. I wanted to go to sleep, but I decided to call the emergency AC repair service instead. I waited for them to come fix the problem.



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The six bedroom cabin was filled with wonderful amenities

One of the first properties that I ever rented as a real estate agent was a 6 bedroom cabin.

The place on the lake had close to 4,000 square feet.

It was much larger than any other property in the area. The building was erected by one of the local doctors. Doctor passed away and left the property to one of his sons. The guy uses the property as a rental. When I picked up the property, I saw a lot of potential. The owners wanted a certain amount of money for a weekly stay. I tried to tell them that they were asking too much. They did not believe I had the expertise to make that call. The home sat vacant for a long time. No one wanted to rent the cabin until the owner finally took my advice and made some changes. The cabin did not have central heat or AC. I suggested ductless heating and cooling options. The cabin did not have any beds in the extra rooms. I felt that was important as well. The only people trying to rent a 6-bedroom cabin would be a family. The family would want beds for the children. I also suggested a few outdoor amenities that I thought I might catch the eye of families. We added a volleyball net, horseshoe pit, as well as a small hot tub. We had a rental sale for the next three months, and we offered the property at half price. After people saw the heating and cooling options, hot tub, and upgraded amenities, a lot of people were interested in making reservations.

Commercial air conditioning system

I was foolish to worry about the ductless AC power

Last summer, my wife and I decided to take our four kids to the mountains for a 6-day vacation.

We rented a cabin close to the lake but near the top of the mountain. The forecasted temperatures for our week-long visit were in the 90s. My very first concern was our comfort inside of the cabin. There was no listing for the AC or heating system. I was concerned that we wouldn’t have AC at all. I contacted the rental agency to discuss our reservation. They assured me that the cabin was equipped with multiple air handlers and mini-split ductless AC units. I didn’t know the first thing about ductless AC units. I thought they were the same thing as a window unit. When I told my wife about the air-conditioning situation, she wanted to change our plans. The kids were excited, so that was not going to work. I told my wife that we would make the best of a situation. I even promised to drive all the way to the city to buy a portable air conditioner if the house was not cool enough. I was worried that the ductless AC units would not provide enough cooling and I was foolish for believing that. Each one of the rooms in the cabin had a separate ductless air conditioner. The kids only kept theirs set at 72 degrees, because the AC units work so well. We didn’t have anything at all to worry about during that trip and we had an amazing week in nature with our whole family together.

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I like the tile, but my wife insisted on carpet

They come in all shapes and sizes and we really don’t have to spend a fortune to find something that will work for our home

Allergens are found all over the place. Allergens are not only outside, but they can also be inside of your home. In fact, many studies show that the air inside of your home is more contaminated than the air outside. Allergens come in a number of shapes and sizes. Allergens include pet dander, dust, dirt, mold, mildew, and other harmful bacteria and viruses. There are a number of ways to control indoor allergens. My wife and I vacuum every week and we don’t have any animals in our home. We consistently clean the drapes and the curtains and we keep plastic on the chair, sofa, and loveseat. My wife and I were still worried about allergens, so we decided to make some changes in our home. We got rid of the old dingy carpet inside of the living room and the hallways. I honestly wanted to replace the carpet with tile. I thought it would help reduce allergens. My wife insisted on carpet. We both agreed that it was time to buy an air purifier or air cleaning system for our home. With constant covid strains being a problem still, it just makes sense for us to buy an indoor air cleaning machine. They come in all shapes and sizes and we really don’t have to spend a fortune to find something that will work for our home. I saw several air purifiers and air cleaning machines and they were priced in the two or $300 range. That’s easily affordable when you think of the benefits provided by the machine.

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We were divided between the choices for heating the house

My wife and I looked at a hundred different houses for sale before we finally decided to build something of our own.

  • We weren’t happy with any of the choices that the realtor showed us.

It wasn’t her fault. She was doing a great job, but we wanted things that were difficult to find in homes that were already constructed. One of the most important features that we wanted in our home was radiant heated flooring and ductless cooling. These options are not available in all homes. We only found one home that was equipped with radiant heat and ductless cooling. The place was too small for our family. The realtor mentioned building a dream house and my wife and I spent all weekend considering the option. When we met with a building contractor, we gave the guy a long list of items we wanted inside of our home. Ductless cooling and radiant heated flooring was at the top of that list. The homebuilder showed us several different floor models and got started on the construction a couple of weeks later. Seeing our new house come together from the ground-up was absolutely exciting and having a place that is exactly the way we want makes it easier to pay the mortgage each month. My wife and I knew what options we wanted and our home, but we didn’t know it was going to be so affordable to start from scratch and build our dream house. Now that we are finally in our home, both of us are happy that we decided to do things this way.


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