Kids Need to be Able to Play Safely

It’s nice I was able to buy a house with a large backyard for our children plus pets to play in. When we were looking for a home several years ago, I knew that it would be smart to find not only a new home with enjoyable indoor space, but also plenty of outdoor space as well. The two of us were exceptionally fortunate when we were able to score this house. Otherwise we might have had to get into a bidding war prefer so more than 2 are right now as new home prices soar. I read somewhere that some people are selling their homes for 65% above the price they paid as little as more than 2 years ago. Dreaming about equity grown that abruptly is absolutely mind boggling to me to say the least. Maybe we’ll be blessed if we ever decide to get a new place to live, but I could see us staying here for well over a decade or longer. The two of us have enough space for all of our children plus a play space in the backyard. Unluckyly, our daughter started hollering from the backyard yupterday plus I ran outside at breakneck speed. She said she was stung plus I noticed that there were a bunch of wasps the slide in the play area. Since I could see at least a dozen critters on the small hive, I figured it might be smart to call an exterminator. I am not skilled enough to properly eradicate yellow sweaters without getting stung myself. I am happy I was able to locate a reputable exterminator nearby plus they agreed to come out the same day. Now the yellow jacket hive is history plus our children can play without being paranoid.


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Perfect air conditioner for the church

Additionally, the air conditioner was a blessing and opened many more doors for my business to grow

Until recently, our church had a small congregation. Everyone knew each other, and we all spent Sundays together. However, the leaders in our town had grand plans in mind. The National highway would pass here and bring lots of new opportunities. Once that took place, there was a population boom. Our once quiet town was now full of fast-paced establishments and lots of people. All of them needed a place to worship on Sunday and chose our church. The priests were happy, but that posed a new problem. Every Sunday, the congregation grew, and the room was too hot. The small indoor AC could no longer cool everyone. So that meant investing in a new central heating and cooling unit. I was asked to take charge of the matter since I ran an HVAC company. The best cooling unit needed to work as an air ventilator too. It was the most straightforward solution before the church looked into building a more prominent sanctuary. I ordered the top HVAC system from an AC vendor in the city and went to work. Installing the air conditioner meant removing the previous mini-split AC. It was still functioning, so I set it up in the priests’ chambers. The more oversized AC was powerful and could manage to cool the whole room. After installation, everyone was happy since the air was clean. Sundays were no longer sweaty and uncomfortable thanks to the new cooling and heating system. As an HVAC technician, I did regular maintenance to ensure the system never broke. My routine consisted of cleaning out the air filters and checking the ventilation units. I was glad to play such a unique role in a place dear to many people. Additionally, the air conditioner was a blessing and opened many more doors for my business to grow. Now I run HVAC maintenance for many other people and businesses in our growing town.


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Best home office heating system

I got a call from my boss the other day asking me to see him.

When I got to the office, I went straight to his office for the meeting.

He informed me that the company had decided to make my job permanently remote. For the last few months, I’d been working from home and loved it. It reflected in my productivity, which is why my boss made the decision. I was so delighted and went to work planning a home office. Up until that day, I’d been working on my kitchen table. But I wanted to convert one bedroom into a home office. Part of the plan was to get a new heating unit for the room. It wasn’t connected to the central heating system. That meant I had to buy a portable HVAC unit. The little research I did online proved helpful as I saw many stellar reviews about the best portable air conditioner. I finally picked one and placed an order. By the time the AC was at my door, I’d completed decorating my new home office. It was in the middle of winter, so I started using the AC heating unit immediately. Thankfully, it worked so well that I hardly felt cold while working. Additionally, it purified the air in my office and made the room comfortable. One notable feature of the best HVAC was it came with a repair agreement from the vendor. For a few months, the AC hardly caused me any trouble. But one morning, it started making some noise, so I had to call an HVAC specialist from the supplier. Once she took it apart, she let me know some parts were faulty and needed repair. After the AC repair, it was functioning as good as new. I continued working throughout winter and spring. Later, I switched to the cooling unit once summer came around.


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The dining hall AC broke down in summer

I always loved attending summer camp.

It meant meeting up with friends from across the country.

The camp was out in the wilderness, and most of our activities were outdoor. However, we stayed indoors when it got too hot to go exploring. Last year my parents drove me to the camp as usual. I was glad to see all my friends and meet other kids from different schools. We signed in and went straight to our rooms. After a bit of rest, it was time to head to the dining hall for lunch. It was so hot outside that I was looking forward to the cooling system in the dining hall. But, to my shock, it was hot and humid inside. The AC was broken, and repairs weren’t possible until the next day. The air in the hall was stuffy and hot, which made it hard to breathe. I was glad the rooms had suitable HVAC units, but we weren’t permitted to eat meals there. That meant I had to endure the sweltering heat until I was done with lunch. I heard from the other students that an HVAC technician had been contacted. But, the AC service had informed the administration that repairs would have to wait until the following day. I wondered what was wrong with the heating and cooling system. Perhaps the air filters were clogged, or some parts needed urgent replacement. I made a mental note to ask our teacher permission to converse with the air conditioner specialist the following day. I’d always been interested in electric devices, and the wall-mounted AC made my mind race with curiosity. My hope was I’d be allowed to watch the AC mechanic take apart the unit for inspection. I knew my teacher would agree since he always encouraged us to be curious and ask questions.


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A new baby means replacing the AC

Babies are demanding since there are lots of requirements to meet.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was afraid.

The pregnancy was a surprise, but my boyfriend was supportive. He was so excited at the thought of being a dad that he suggested we move in together. Both our apartments were small, so we had to search for a larger space. When I was six months pregnant, he found a great place, and we finally had our first home. It was in a fantastic neighborhood and had lots of backyard space. After we completed the move, he set about preparing the house for the baby, including setting up the best AC. He wanted everything to be perfect, and air ventilation was at the top of his list. An HVAC service in the city gave him a good offer. He managed to grab the last 3 in 1 air conditioner for the baby room. Not only was it a heating unit, but it also worked as a dehumidifier and air purifier. I was always giddy watching him read more about how the best HVAC would help the baby. The AC technician came around to install it, and my boyfriend couldn’t leave him alone. He wanted to know everything about it. It was a significant step on his part since the air ventilator would keep our baby comfortable. After installation, we spent time in the baby room testing the new HVAC system. It was the best and kept the room cozy. There was a remote control to operate the AC thermostat. But, we could also use an app to make adjustments when we left the room. It was a great feature since we could monitor the room temperature at any time. Additionally, the AC vendor informed us they were always available for 24-hour emergency repair if it ever broke down.


A new baby means replacing the AC

Finally found the HVAC leak in my home

I used to chalk up feeling cold in my home to the fact that I’m not exactly accustomed to this type of winter.

So I tended to just be cold or turn up the thermostat.

However, the heating bills would have been through the roof if we had let the gas furnace run the way we wanted to. We moved further north a few years ago in order to be nearer to our parents as they get older. Both sets of parents are within 30 to 45 minutes from where we live. And they are at the age that they need some help. We lucked out and found a wonderful older home. It had been newly renovated when it comes to the kitchen and the HVAC equipment among other aspects. But the house is still an older structure and it didn’t really dawn on me that this might be the reason for the heating problems. A neighbor loaned me an instant read temperature gun to find the heating leak. It took me a while but I finally found it. There was a window on the first floor that had no insulation at all. It’s like whomever put in that window just threw it in. And it wasn’t all that long ago because the previous owner had all the windows replaced with double pane windows. Now that I have that window all sealed up, I am hoping for some reprieve from the high cost of the heating. The gas furnace should run a lot less this year in order to make our home cozy warm.

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Making an HVAC checklist

There are times in each of our lives that we need to step up our game a bit.

For me, the household responsibilities have been falling through the cracks and that has to end.

Sure, I work a great deal in order to have the life that we enjoy. But that doesn’t mean that I can just come home each night and do nothing but soak up the air conditioning from the recliner. My wife works as well and it can’t be up to her to do all the stuff that needs doing around the house. This is why I am making a checklist of the different things that I need to do around the house. One of those checklists is comprised of my HVAC responsibilities. Traditionally, I have been the one to look after the HVAC equipment. However, I haven’t been doing the greatest job of late. That’s why I’m going the checklist route. And this isn’t some passive list that I can forget about. Nope, I’m making sure that I get alerts across all of my devices to remind me to do the heating and cooling chores that need to get done. Once a month, I now get an alert to change the air filter. This is perhaps the most important HVAC chore. A clean HVAC air filter is essential to optimum operation of the HVAC equipment. A clogged air filter results in less air flow and that’s so not good for the heating and cooling equipment. I was going to add an alert for the HVAC maintenance. But I joined the HVAC service plan offered by our HVAC company instead. That’s one less thing on my list.

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Making a dream come true

We all make choices in our lives that end up dictating the paths we take.

For me, it was my passion for social work that had a lot to do with the way my life panned out.

By and large, it’s worked out well. I love the work I do and I work in a nicely appointed and HVAC maintained office. Plus, I even met my wife through my job. However, one drawback of what I do for a living is the salary. This is definitely not a field to get into if you are looking to get rich. The salary is okay but I had to deal with apartment life for far longer than I had ever expected to. That means many more years of loud neighbors and inadequate heating and cooling. However, that chapter of our lives is now over. But we are still not quite to the finish line just yet. The house we were able to afford came with a lot of needs. And since we are on a tight budget, we are the renovation crew. In fact, we are living in a camper just outside the house that we are renovating. We have a space heater in the camper and will hopefully be out of the camper before the heat of summer hits. In fact, we are getting our new HVAC equipment in the next week or so. The HVAC company is coming out to replace the heat pump and that will go a long way toward making our house a home. It’s going to be a dream come true to actually own our own house and live together comfortably thanks to good heating and cooling.


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Wishing for residential HVAC comfort

It’s tough enough to sell your house.

But to live in a rental with poor HVAC equipment seems like a bit too much if you ask me.

However, there really isn’t all that much I can do about it right now. While I ask the rental office to have an HVAC professional come out to check the HVAC equipment, the keep sending their handyman. And this handyman is neither certified or trained to work on HVAC equipment. Thus, I get the same results after the guy leaves and that would be zero results. We are living in a rental for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that we sold our home. This was not an easy decision. That place was a great house and we got it for such a great price by getting in on that planned community early. Yet with the demand and the skyrocketing prices for homes in this area, we chose to sell it. This meant that we had to upgrade the HVAC equipment. And boy did we. That house now has state of the art heating and cooling equipment. On top of that, we had the HVAC company add zone controlled HVAC to the mix. So there are now 6 independent HVAC zones in the house. It sold quickly and we made a ton of money off the sale. So, it was a good idea that turned out really great as far as the money goes. I just wish we didn’t have to live in this rental for another six months. Hopefully, we’ll find the right place between now and then. But I promise you that I will have some great HVAC equipment in that new place.

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I didn’t think I would see my old electric fireplace again

There’s this old electric fireplace that I have always loved.

It looks incredibly realistic for a fake fireplace and it provides excellent heating.

The energy efficiency of the electric heating machine isn’t even that bad. Well, when my baby brother was heading off to college, I decided to give him my electric fireplace. He was so happy because he knew how much I loved that thing, and he always enjoyed using it from time to time as well. I told him I just wanted him to be comfortable while he was focusing on his studies. He later told me it was a good thing that I gave him that electric fireplace because he experienced some days at his dorm when it was way too freezing. Thanks to that electric fireplace, his roommate and him were able to stay nice and cozy on some of the most chilly days. When he was done with college, he got into a pretty good career as an architect. He ended up giving me my electric fireplace back and said it served him well during his school days. The thing was still working like a champ and I was really happy to have the electric heating system back. I never expected to get it back because it was basically a gift to my baby brother. The thing is, he didn’t need it anymore. The place he was living in had a very nice HVAC system and the temperature control settings in his place are always very comfortable. I definitely use the fireplace regularly though, especially when I am binge-watching tv shows.


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