I had been expecting to talk to a male Heating as well as Air Conditioning owner.

There was an ad in the newspaper saying a current Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier had just moved into the area.

They were looking to hire certified Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialists ASAP.

I wanted to make an appointment as well as not just walk in as well as upset anyone. I called the number they had in the ad, as well as I talked to a woman. I said to her that I had just seen the ad, as well as I wanted to come in for an interview. She took our name, iPhone number, contact info, as well as asked me if I had our Heating as well as Air Conditioning certification. She then provided myself and others an appt for the following day. I wasn’t sure how to dress for the interview, so I wore a nice clean pair of jeans as well as a dress shirt. I took all of our certifications with myself and others so I could show I was a certified Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech. I walked into the front office as well as I was talking to the lady behind the counter. I told her I was there for my interview. She took our name as well as went to an office. She came out a half hour later as well as told myself and others to go back. I walked in, as well as I was shocked when I saw another lady sitting behind the desk. She introduced herself as one of the 2 owners of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealer. I thought her husband would be the second owner, however a lady who looked just savor her came out. She introduced herself as the other owner. She explained they were sisters as well as both of them were experienced Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealers with all kinds of licenses as well as proper certifications. I was hired that day, however it was going to be quite a major change.

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They said they were very experienced.

The fact that they were current should not have been a huge problem with myself and others hiring them, however it was.

As a current homeowner, I didn’t know actually much about Heating as well as Air Conditioning. I talked about it to our dad as well as I asked him what I would expect when a Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier finally showed up. He provided myself and others the name of a well-trusted Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier. I gave them a call. When I talked to them, they told myself and others they don’t normally do maintenance in our area, although I was given the name of the Heating as well as the Air Conditioning supplier that did task for us. I wanted to know if he thought they were any good, as well as he admitted he didn’t know actually much about them. Apparently, this Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier was fairly new, although I had a contact number to call. I got in touch with the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier with a big list of questions I wanted to ask. The main question I needed to have answered was how much experience their Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialists had. With these guys being such a current Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealership, I said that their Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist may all be freshly certified. I wanted a Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier that could offer some more experience. The guy I talked to told myself and others they had a lot of work experience. The fact that they were current should not have been a huge problem with myself and others hiring them, however it was. I went online to do a lot of research as well as I found that they were established, however the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier had just gotten a current owner. He had taken over the supplier when his father retired. When I told our father about the current Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealer, he was stoked I had done some research. He also told myself and others he knew the guy who had just retired as well as he had a great reputation when it came to Heating, ventilation, as well as Air Conditioning.
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Who wants to be rich?

Being currently in the maintenance game, I didn’t know how much the Heating as well as Air Conditioning suppliers usually charge people to have systems cleaned as well as tested.

I knew how important it was to have annual maintenance on my Heating as well as Air Conditioning system.

I remembered our dad setting appointments for HVAC maintenance, just as soon as the current maintenance was completed. Before the Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist was gone, Dad had already made a current appointment. Dad made sure every one of us understood the importance of having all of your appliances looked after on an official basis. He said it was the only way to keep it running respectfully as well as for quite a long time. When our husband called the Heating as well as the Air Conditioning supplier as well as asked to have the maintenance done on our air conditioning, I told him to ask about the price. He looked at myself and others as if I was nuts. He said it would be an insult if every one of us asked about the pricing. I told him that everyone asked about prices. It wasn’t savor every one of us thought they were going to cheat us. I wanted to feel sure that every one of us had enough money to spend our savings on a big bill. My husband asked myself and others if I thought they were planning on being millionaires on our maintenance? I informed him to make sure he was the one who was home when the Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist got here. I wasn’t going to be the one to spend our savings on this bill if it was going to be too high. If he couldn’t ask the price of Heating as well as Air Conditioning maintenance, then he could spend our savings the bill. He wasn’t actually happy when I told him I had to go to the office that day, as well as he had to stay home.
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When to Call in the HVAC Experts

Moving out was always something I looked forward to, especially after I completed college.

My mother had always been the clingy type, and I felt suffocated being around her. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my mother and still do, but it gets to a point when a man must thrive on their own. After my graduation, I secured a job that required me to move a few states away, and I had my chance to get away peacefully. I remember moving into my new home with a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, my joy was not to last as I discovered just how much my parents had guaranteed my comfort back home. One night in the new space and I couldn’t help but notice that the heating system was a sham. The night was extremely cold, and it seemed as though the HVAC system was only a decorative piece. No amount of adjustment on the thermostat seemed to work. I had to use an external heater to make my room comfortable. Earl the next morning, I headed to the outdoor AC unit to check it out just as I had seen my dad do when I was home. There seemed to be no activity going on, and it was impossible to troubleshoot the issue since I could not deduce any problem. Frustrated, I had to call the HVAC technician whose number I had been given. A few hours later, we concluded that the house needed a new HVAC system installed since the old heat pump was not only outdated but had since stopped working. Unfortunately, the house had been unoccupied for a few months; hence no renovation had been done in this aspect. In the end, I was out shopping for an HVAC system that would last a few years.

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Every Home Needs a Good HVAC System

I remember visiting my aunt one long summer vacation and remarking how exceptionally hot their house felt.

I could not help but ask my mother what the big deal was since I had never had to worry about fluctuating temperatures in my home. I did not know back then that my dad had installed one of the most reliable HVAC systems that automatically stepped up during summer and served as the best air conditioner. At the same time, it worked as the most reliable furnace in winter. My childhood days were mainly comfortable, with my cousins preferring to have play dates at my house than at theirs. I did not think much about it until that hot summer when we were forced to spend a few days at their home. I remember my aunt switching on the fan to help keep me comfortable since I was very vocal about the high temperatures. Everyone else tried to hide it by adjusting, but I was barely ten years old, and the discomfort level was too much to bear. Later that evening, I overheard my parents discussing their HVAC system and its efficiency. They even shared their HVAC technician’s number with my uncle, who promised to check the HVAC business responsible for installing our efficient system out. All I remember is seeing an air conditioning repair expert coming around every once in a while, mainly before summer. I later learned that this was for routine maintenance that kept the old heating and cooling unit working optimally. The moment I was old enough to move out on my own, I knew the value of installing a reliable HVAC unit, and I was not about to compromise on this.

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One size fits all? Bigger isn’t always the best.

What do Cinderella and home comfort systems have in common? Well, once upon a time, people truly believed that in order to BE the best, you had BE the biggest, HAVE the biggest. Imagine if Cinderella had tried in vain to cram her sized 8 foot into a size five glass shoe or flipsy flopsy around in an oversized hightop? Result? Catastrophic to say the least. Twisted ankle from a sloppy sneaker or blister blitzing bunions by cracked crystal. And then there’s the whole pumpkin into carriage issue. What a squash. When it comes to choosing the right size, it’s best to follow the rules of Goldilocks. No need to grin and bear it, get the right fit. Comfort and savings…..the best way to fall asleep every night. Worry free. Your HVAC system is a fine example. If you have installed a home heating or cooling system that’s too large thinking it will provide the MOST heat to your home AND impress your friends, neighbors and family, think again, my friend. Buying an HVAC unit too big won’t give you more cool or warm air. In fact, it will use more energy constantly running to fill and temp control the empty space, while thrifting away through a less expensive smaller heating unit and furnace on the impetus of wearing extra sweaters, using blankets and quilts, will also drive your costs through the roof and any insulated value as your furnace will huff and puff and blow your budget down. Talk with your HVAC service provider and not only count on them to install your cooler/heater combination, but get the lowdown on how to get the perfect system. Bet on the best BTU’s for your ducts and vents and save your bucks and cents. 3. So…just WHAT size should I choose?


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Summertime blues…an HVAC true test of grapevine rumors.

Sometimes there just isn’t a cure.

The oppressive heat grabs on like a junkyard dog and you feel covered in arid dust from head to toe for days and even weeks at a time.

Definitely not the time for a sluggish, smelly or broken air conditioner system. Southern seaside living has its charm, the long warm season, spectacular sunrises, cool night breezes when the temperature drops to a comfortable 65. Proximity to salty, refreshing waters, lakes and streams.The joys of daily humid damp showers, slick floors, sandy grit whipped through vents and ducts during storm seasons. It can be a daily struggle especially with an outdated or underserviced HVAC system.Why delay? Book a service call today. Comparable to the cost of half to a full tank of fuel, you can enjoy your home from the inside again, save energy costs and contribute to your cleaner home, value and comfort. Not to mention the health benefits of a clean air atmosphere. Mold and it’s spores, dust mites, pet dander, grass, tobacco, even outdoor pollens and traces of garden fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides can slip their way inside and keep you under the weather.Having your HVAC system serviced, vents and ducts cleaned and even your furnace in tip top shape two or three times a year can reduce the chances of heat stroke, dehydration and overall stress. While booking your HVAC service appointment, be sure to include the proper filter for your system as some are only made to block out basic dirts and dusts. Forget all the rumours you hear about HVAC systems spreading germs and viruses by “letting them in” through a running system. AC and furnace units are just not designed to do that. Get the news, not the blues.

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We literally can’t live without a heater

To be perfectly honest, I’m not the handiest person on the planet.

  • I’m pretty much useless at any type of repair, renovation or even a supposedly quick-fix around the house.

One time I even attempted to do a simple oil change and somehow managed to mess up my car engine! So when a problem does appear in my home, I usually reach out to a professional or a friend who has some sense when it comes to house repairs. But occasionally, I try to take the initiative and roll my sleeves up to take on the task. One incident that stands out is the time I tried to do a heating repair. It was an unusually cold day in December and I was relying on my heater to keep me from shivering. I began to notice that my heating seemed to be working weakly or not at all as I shivered in my living room. I went to check the heater and saw that it was completely dead. I didn’t want to spend the night with my teeth chattering in my bed, so I got to work attempting to do heater repair. Wow, do I overestimate my abilities. After about an hour of trying to figure out which parts actually made up a heater, I was more behind than when I first started. I decided I would probably end up destroying the heater if I tried to touch it, so I reached out to an HVAC technician. That was definitely the safe choice, as my heater was quickly repaired and working back to normal soon after. I haven’t attempted to touch an AC or heater unit since then!

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Learning how to deal with a very warm climate

Growing up in a very warm climate, I had to deal with grueling summers that always seemed to never have an end in sight.

As a kid, I wanted to spend all of my time outside with my friends, but it was near impossible to do so in the dead of the summer months.

Just stepping outside for a few moments in the afternoon meant I would be hit with a wave of thick humidity that would leave me drenched in sweat. Because of this, I spent most of my summers inside my childhood home, where I could bask in the glory of the air conditioner we had. The cool of the air conditioning unit brought relief to my family and me, where we spent many summer afternoons playing board games and watching movies inside. There was one summer where we were met with a cooling issue and we had to seek out air conditioner repair. Fortunately, the air conditioner service was quick and we only suffered one day without AC. Still, that extremely hot day remains in my memory, even now. I can vividly remember tossing and turning in my bed feeling like I was on fire. Even taking a cold shower didn’t seem to bring any relief. In a way, I am grateful for that experience, because it made me appreciate my air conditioning unit way more as a result. Luckily, my new home has faced no air conditioning problems like that of my childhood home, though I will forever cherish the memories I had there!


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We saved the heating system.

I had been using the same furnace for quite some time now, and it has never given me any trouble.

  • I guess you can imagine how surprised I was when the furnace started to give me a lot of problems.

I knew that the furnace was old, but still; I was having a difficult time understanding why all this trouble was happening all at once. I liked our furnace, and I didn’t want to wait too long to call the HVAC company. I was afraid that if I waited too long, the furnace wouldn’t be able to be repaired. I had to laugh because my next thought was how grateful I was to have an HVAC company just down the street from where I lived. I thought it would be closer for them to come, and I wouldn’t need to wait so long to get their service. When I called the HVAC company, they told me they could probably be there either late in the afternoon, or first thing in the morning. I told them morning would be fine. I held my breath the entire night, worrying whether the furnace was going to quit working. When morning arrived, the HVAC technician was at the house as I was getting my morning coffee. I was thrilled when he told me he would be able to repair the furnace. The caveat was that he suggested we start considering a new furnace before the next winter. At least I had my furnace for the rest of this winter, and I knew we wouldn’t go without heating..


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