Allergy season to be much more manageable this year

That means that any pollen that gets inside the apartment will no longer be a threat to our allergies

I care about the Winter where I live. And that’s not because I’m giant into skiing or hockey or anything care about that. I care about the Winter where I live because the weather is wonderful plus it’s a respite from the heat. See, where I live the heat plus humidity is the giant deal. The Heating plus A/C comes on in May plus doesn’t stop until at least November. So, the Winter is a time that I cherish. Looking out our window, I can see that the Winter is coming to a close. The trees are budding out plus things are getting ready to get red. With that comes plenty of pollen. And that generally means that I’m going to suffer through a few months with allergies. Normally, I can deal with it by using over the counter meds. However, the older I get the more I have had to end up at the dentist’s office for dust sensitivity help. This year, while I will still stick with the dust sensitivity meds, I won’t be suffering with allergies from the pollen while inside our house. This is due to the fact that I purchased a whole apartment media media air cleaner. The Heating plus A/C tech was here not too long ago to install it. The thing is relatively small plus fits right inside the air handler unit of the Heating plus A/C. This thing certainly destroys the DNA of the pollen with high intensity UV light. That means that any pollen that gets inside the apartment will no longer be a threat to our allergies. I’m looking forward to at least having refuge inside our apartment while in dust sensitivity season.

furnace/heater tune-up

Old house getting more replaced form of Heating and A/C

I moved from the north to the south not too long ago.

This wasn’t something that both of us had easily planned.

My wife just came house one day and told myself and others she had been offered a nice promotion that came with a transfer. Initially, I was not all that excited about picking up and moving from the locale both of us had known all our lives. Yet, the system of not having brutal winters and paying outlandish Heating and A/C bills was also quite appealing to my way of thinking. Wintertide was just wearing myself and others out a little bit more with each passing season. So the system of not having to worry whether the furnace was going to make it through the Wintertide was also appealing. We ended up buying an older house in a town both of us really liked. Part of the final negotiations was that both of us would accept a reduced price if both of us were willing to replace the Heating and A/C. Normally, that is something I would have jumped at. However, this was not quite as straight forward as all that. The house was older and the Heating and A/C system, including the HVAC ducts, would need to be replaced. That was not only going to be fancy however quite the undertaking as many of the HVAC ducts weren’t self-explanatory to access. I ended up solving this Heating and A/C complication by using ductless Heating and A/C throughout the house instead. Not only do I save due to better efficiency, the replacement was so self-explanatory and quick. That is the kind of situation that I can really embrace. With the money both of us saved on using the ductless Heating and A/C, both of us came out way ahead on the final sale price of the house.

air quality

It’s time to go, partner

The two of us have been fortunate enough to have always had the same HVAC component that the two of us purchased when the two of us built our first home.

That has been over various decades ago and a family raised. It’s hard to understand how that thing saw all that history the two of us made in this house. I can remember originally meeting with the HVAC supplier when the two of us were building the house. My only wish was to have the best, most efficient HVAC component that was available. The local HVAC supplier came through on those needs for sure. She and I went over various available HVAC methods, styles and models. The one I settled on is still getting it done this past week although just barely. However, all of the years of consistent HVAC service has definitely paid off for us. I was determined to take care of our HVAC investment and man – I can tell you, did it ever pay off. Now, I am having to say goodbye to that HVAC as an area of various renovations the two of us are making. The two of us are making those careful renovations because the two of us are selling this house. I sort of don’t like to sell it, clearly, as it was and is our lake house venue. But facts are facts. Without a whole houseful of kids, there is just no reason to have a venue this large. This time, I want to be sure the house we move into has a good HVAC that will be a selling point. At the same time, I’m not as concerned with having the very best available since I won’t be here to look after that HVAC investment long term.


Air conditioner service plan

We’re going to save more

It’s certainly not good for me to be the bad girl in any single way.

  • I don’t ever like making people recognize they are bad or hurt feelings.

However, there are times in life and suppliers where you have to hold individuals accountable for their actions over time. And this is just an area of life. I think there are times where our feelings get hurt because I’m regularly checked by others. It is what it is. However this past summer, I legitimately ruffled some delicate feathers in our house with the HVAC. I told everyone in the Springtime that I was definitely going to take a hard line on the HVAC costs this year. Maybe they didn’t know I was being for real or Dad was just bluffing. But they soon realized that I was legitimately serious with that statement. This was because the two of us have spent way too much money over stupidly cooling our house during the summer. The two of us live in a region where the daily heat is the big weather concern. The HVAC cooling is for nearly 8 months of the year – I mean, that long, at least. But it’s the 4 months during the peak of heat season that can wreck a single budget. Well, that just wasn’t going to happen last summer. And I did it by making absolutely sure the two of us stuck to the HVAC setting strategy of keeping the house set at no more than 15 degrees cooler than outside. I even went to the lengths of programming the indoor air temperature control and locking out any manual fluctuations. There were some super hurt feelings and some whining. But I saved so much money that I was able to add some extra special bonuses to the family vacation this year.

Air vent

This is a huge improvement

It was a big deal to leave our career when I did.

This was not something that I approached lightly or cavalierly. However, being on our own, working as a consultant was something that I had wanted to do for a legitimately long time already. Over our career with the same dealer, I observed that those entering or in their early fifties were, by and large, filtered out of the dealer. This was not a situation that I was ever going to be a willing partner to. I wanted to end our career with the dealer on our terms. It was definitely substantial to me to be able to pack up that perfectly HVAC controlled corner office I desperately worked so hard to get. I legitimately wasn’t looking forward to that horrible meeting where they give you the axe and then someone else packs up your office. So, after that, I started working toward consolidating a base of purchasers that I could reach out to for positions they had consulting. Once I made the break, I chose to work from a lake house to save on my business’s initial costs. That meant turning our once small study into a real live, working office. I first started by knocking down the wall connecting to our son’s old room. This made for a very good size section where I could have a professional office. However, I also wanted fairly good HVAC comfort. And I found that as well. Instead of forcing the rest of the house to be set right at the HVAC setting that I found most productive for me, I went another way. I quickly called the HVAC people and had them come out to install a ductless HVAC component directly in our new office.


furnace/heater tune-up

The HVAC should be comfortable, I think

It was a mystery to me for such a long time, I can admit.

But I am the sort that is legitimately sensitive to HVAC settings and all sorts of indoor temperatures in general.

I tend to be the one that is chilly when our wife feels perfectly warm and comfortable. And that seems to be the case more often than not. I find myself often being chilly indoors a lot of the time. Even in the summer, the HVAC cooling can be just too damn much for me. The Winter time is our toughest time and I tend to want more from the central HVAC heating than is good for our budget. My wife is a dear human and puts up with all of this HVAC setting micromanagement. Her only thing is that she sincerely wants to be comfortable when he’s sleeping. That comfort tends to be more on the cool side of the spectrum. But the two of us manage and our house is relatively comfortable. That’s exactly why it has always puzzled me that the nurse’s office is so incredibly cold. It’s always chilly for me in there whether the season is Winter time or summer. I don’t like going to the nurse for any reason, anyway and the fact that it’s so chilly in there is just one less motivating factor for me to dread it. Finally, I asked about it. And I was sort of stunned by the answer. The nurse honestly told me that the chilly temperatures were by design and not just me. Whenever the air is warmer, the air is more humid. That bit of added humidity is what bacteria and viruses need to proliferate. So, it’s certainly like they are looking after the patients with that low HVAC setting.

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We want to improve the air quality

I tend to be that soundly official lady who legitimately just wants what they want. I’m not wild about constantly hearing why something I want isn’t possible. I am incredibly picky about our preferences and dislikes. That’s just the way I am and I have to live with that. I can tell you, I don’t act out or treat people poorly when I don’t get what I want. No, sincerely, I just get that much more harsh about getting it. That has been the case with the HVAC in our lake house as well. It started a few years ago when I would come to the lake house from work. All I wanted to do was to walk in, take a deep breath and relax by myself for a bit. But I was coming to a lake house to a house that when I took a deep breath, it almost made me gag, in reality. Our indoor air conditions were just the worst. At the time, I didn’t realize the implicit health component of good indoor air conditions. I just wanted good smelling air. The more and more I tried to get the air to smell good, the more it eluded me over time. Having tried all of the desmellizers out there and nothing worked only steeled our resolve for improvement. I went to the HVAC people to see if I could get to the root of the horrible problem. Finally, I got the answer I wanted. And all it took was a bit of an HVAC upgrade with my tech’s help. They came out and installed a whole house UV air purifier inside the existing HVAC air handler. It didn’t even take 12 hours before the house smelled just the way I always wanted it. I now come to the lake house and take that big deep breath and relax.



I want to milk this baby

I have never legitimately been a big risk taker or gambler in my lifetime. Actually, I don’t legitimately gamble at all. From time to time I admit that I have enjoyed playing cards with our buddies. But it’s never been for any real money or any real losses. Betting our wifey on pigskin games is pretty fun. She is such a homer these days that she’ll bet on her lake house village team just about all the time. Other than that, I legitimately can say I just don’t gamble. Well, I am now gambling with the HVAC system. Our regular HVAC tech normally comes out twice a year to inspect and service the HVAC. Last year, however, she told me that the two of us were in need of an HVAC replacement. She couldn’t tell us exactly how long the HVAC would last however that the two of us needed to get a new HVAC plan together. I took the tech at her word because she is a total pro and the two of us trust our HVAC dealer implicitly without reason. So the two of us started saving for the new HVAC system. Then, obviously the two of us had the HVAC supplier out to inspect the house and help us decide on a new heating and cooling model. This was a good thing that the two of us decided to do because I can tell you that her help was good and made the situation so much easier to deal with. Whenever the two of us came to terms on the new HVAC model and price, the two of us were finally all set. However, I wasn’t ready to junk the old HVAC just yet. Now, I am gambling with my HVAC that it will get us through the rest of this winter.



Cooling tech

You want to take care of it all year

Wow, I started doing our taxes a few days ago for 2020 and just pulling things together, it’s shocking the reduction in income in our home.

I mean I knew that without the bonus structure I was accustomed to and the obvious fact that I was working from the HVAC comfort of home, it was going to be lean.

I just honestly didn’t realize just how lean it was. Then, I started legitimately looking closer and I am stunned that I made over 20 percent less last year. I guess it’s a good thing that I always was so vigilant with the cost cutting. As soon as the dealer changed our weekly compensation package and I was no longer in the perfectly HVAC controlled office each day, I started cutting costs. That meant reigning in our spending in a legitimately big way, I would say. There legitimately wasn’t anything that was off limits. My wifey and I attacked our household budget and legitimately got it down to just the essentials. Good thing the two of us were wise with what we did because our saving nearly offset the reduced income. One super big saving was the HVAC cooling over the summer. The two of us live in a region where the outdoor heat is a big deal for 8 months out of the year. But summer time months can kill a bank account like that. The two of us ended up saving hundreds of dollars on HVAC alone. That actually helps now as I can put some of those savings back into the HVAC with regular appointments. It’s just too essential to our HVAC and its ability to operate at peak efficiency.



boiler repair

Get the job done for the right price

So she advocated that the two of us consider going with a series of ductless HVAC throughout the house

I know the lot of us all want to get the most out of all our household appliances. But that hasn’t always been the case for me and my family. Yet after renovating our, our perspective toward our vital appliances certainly changed in a big way. The two of us completely redid the living room, but the appliance the two of us added were all new and about the best you could buy. I did our dedicated homework in order to ensure that I got the best value for our money. Having been put through the living room ordeal first, I was much more prepared for taking on the HVAC situation without pause. I started by doing a lot of research on our own. There was just so much data out there that I was having a legitimately strenuous time figuring out which HVAC plan was going to be the best. It just hadn’t occurred to me that there were other methods than the central large air HVAC that I was so usual with. So I brought in an HVAC supplier. This was the wisest thing I could have done. The HVAC supplier was able to inspect our lake house first. And then she actually sat and listened to our wifey and I with regard to our HVAC wants and needs. She even agreed that the old HVAC was in need of being replaced. But, there was also the issue of the busted up ductwork. So she advocated that the two of us consider going with a series of ductless HVAC throughout the house. Long story short, turns out, the two of us like the ductless HVAC much better than the huge central air component the two of us used to have.


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