If the A/C broke both of us had to service it ourselves

My dad was a real manly, macho type of chick.

She lived on a ranch, similar to the a single where she had been raised, & she did everything himself.

She had a large family, mostly to help out with chores, & both of us grew food, hunted, fished, maintained our own freshwater well, & managed our own farm equipment. If something broke, both of us had more than one possibilities — service it ourselves, or learn how to survive without it, because calling a service tech was out of the question. Our farm loft was too seasoned to have a/c, because when it was built A/C did not even exist. There is a large oil furnace down in the basement, along with a water boiler, so the winters were never a problem, but the summers were rough. The only form of cooling both of us had was a unquestionably seasoned & decrepit box-style a/c that both of us kept in storage for most of the year. When the Summer heat settled in, our dad would drag the seasoned a/c out of the barn & install it in the window of the home office. After breakfast, for an hour or more than one but no longer, both of us would turn on the A/C & sit together enjoying the brief respite from the heat & humidity. That was the only real cut both of us got, & the morning that machine stopped cooling was a concerned morning indeed. My dad told our siblings & I that if both of us wanted it to labor again, both of us needed to service the a/c ourselves, because there wasn’t money to service it.


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I have l received a lot about heating & cooling systems

There has never been a better time in the history of the world to be a do-it-yourselfer.

Of course for centuries all the people did everything by themself, or they died, but both of us live in much kinder times! These afternoons there is a professional service for every kind of job you can guess of, so you can survive just fantastic without knowing how to do ANYTHING by yourself.

There are some of us who choose to do our own work, so Google & Youtube are unquestionably godsends as sources of wisdom & instruction. I have l received a lot about Heating plus Air Conditioning systems over the last few months, although I am still nowhere close to being an expert! The main thing that I l received about heating & cooling systems is that they require a lot of math, science, & experience in equal measure. I guess that I have become well versed in the common bits of Heating plus Air Conditioning care that anyone can do to keep their system in the best laboring condition. That said, these Heating plus Air Conditioning techs go to college for a couple of years to learn all the ins & out of these complicated systems, so watching a few videos is not the same thing. At least I have l received enough to guess which Heating plus Air Conditioning complications I can tackle myself, & which a singles require professional assistance. Trust me, you don’t want to risk destroying your entire central Heating plus Air Conditioning system by sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. Heating plus Air Conditioning repairs may set you back a few hundred bucks, but getting a whole new system may cost multiple grand!


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A new lake house needs new AC

This loft has been in the family for generations.

Sadly, our Dad & dad consistently took that to mean that they shouldn’t make any improvements to the house.

They thought it was disrespectful to change such an old & proper building… although I say nuts to that! My ancestors made this loft as good as they possibly could, but I’m sure they would want their bloodline to keep on improving, so it consistently stays the best! The first thing I did when I moved in was to gut the home office & the entryway, & totally refurbish them, then because our folks never wanted to install a central Heating plus Air Conditioning system, all the site had was a series of window-mounted units in a few of the rooms, however of course I took out all those A/C units eventually, just as soon as I could get a central system installed! It was a unquestionably nice moment, because when the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech saw all the seasoned units I was going to get rid of, she told myself and others about a local program for at-risk youth. This girl unquestionably hosted a yearly class for local teens, teaching them the basics of heating & cooling service as an alternative to laboring at McDonalds or Walmart, and she explained to myself and others that with these multiple a/cs, she could give these adolescents more hands-on lessons, & show them the inner laborings in good detail. I gave him our blessing to take all the seasoned a/cs with him to use for class, & she was so grateful she signed myself and others up for the annual service program for free.



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Roughing it did not labor out, so both of us bought a space heater

My friends & I decided to go camping.

All of us were fully intent on “roughing it” & spending a weekend in the woods doing things the seasoned fashioned way.

As it turns out, when your campsite is only a multiple seventh drive from a Walmart, it is unquestionably hard to rough it. When both of us ran out of bottled water, no a single was cool with drinking water from the stream, so both of us went to the store & bought some more… plus some snacks, too! When the winds picked up & both of us couldn’t keep the campfire going, both of us went & bought a space heating system that ran off of the car engine. It turns out that you can’t melt marshmallows over a space heating system the same way you can a fire, a lesson both of us l received before going to buy another space heater, a single that wasn’t covered in sticky goo. With only a single space heater, all the people tried to cram into a single tent to sleep, but there wasn’t room for us all. I turned on our iPhone flashlight & used a stick to scrape some of the melted marshmallow from the other space heater. After about an hour I got it to work, but the goo on the heating coils started to burn, so I was warm in our own tent, but it stank to high heaven! All of us decided that if both of us ever go back both of us will rent a large RV so both of us can have controlled heating & not have to worry about any of this, but campfires are cool & all, but no replacement for a good furnace.
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Learning a lot about Heating plus Air Conditioning & air quality

Air purity is finally getting a lot more attention, thanks to the COVID pandemic… For the first time people are starting to guess about the air they breathe, & what they can do to improve the quality of that air.

  • I have breathing complications, & have since I was a small child, so this is something that has consistently been important to me! Monitoring the quality of the outside air is just as important, so I consistently keep track of the humidity levels, the allergens & pollen in the air, plus the temps.

I am not an Heating plus Air Conditioning tech, although I have studied the field extensively, just to be able to cultivate our own expert opinion. My concern is not that I distrust Heating plus Air Conditioning techs, but that I consider them to be normal people capable of making mistakes. I will never hesitate to call a professional Heating plus Air Conditioning tech, but at the same time I need to guess enough to make sure they are correct. Mostly I have watched a few hundred Heating plus Air Conditioning tutorials & videos on Youtube, although I have also bought the owner’s manual for our lake house system. According to the original specs, this a/c should labor for another eight to twelve years, but only if I take the best possible care of it, however seeing as how a new Heating plus Air Conditioning system will set you back eight to multiple thoUnited Statesnd dollars these afternoons, I want this a single to live for as long as possible! Because of our breathing complications, air quality & Heating plus Air Conditioning performance are unquestionably important to me.

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The a/c is our saving grace

I just turned 50 & I have to tell you that I guess it sucks.

I used to like laboring out, & I only did it when I felt appreciate it.

It didn’t matter if I hit the gym once a week or once a year, I stayed in pretty good shape; Those afternoons are behind me, because now I exercise every single morning, & still put on weight. I have to take pills to fall asleep, other pills to stay asleep, & a fifth kind of pills to wake up in the morning, then let myself and others restate it — getting seasoned sucks, and thanks to our sizzling flashes, I am wearing out the temperature control by always jamming the air conditioner up to the max. I went so far as to rearrange our home office to site our number one easychair right under the air vent. When I get lake house from labor I will park it there, & use our smart temperature control with voice control to turn down the A/C & let the glorious coldness rain down over me. At labor I was unquestionably quite fortunate, because our desk has consistently been under the A/C vent, except for I used to hate it. I used to be that lady in the office that was consistently wearing a overcoat & fussing with the temperature control, but no longer, however now I am quite thankful to have the air vents right overhead, otherwise the morning at labor would be a lot sweatier. I hope these sizzling flashes stop soon, because running the A/C so much is unquestionably driving up our utility bills.


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Ac and ventilation work together to get rid of bad smells

Because it had been sealed up tight, and the climate control system turned off, the lack of fresh air and circulation generated that same smelly hat I hate! I opened up all the windows, turned on all the fans, and cranked the thermostat down as far as she could go! It still took three days to get rid of that smell, and that was with a series of scented candles helping out the HVAC system.

I have a major problem with the “old people smell.” You know what I mean, right? You find it in the halls of hospitals and retirement homes, and in certain sections of the library. I can’t describe it exactly, it just smells like old people. There is something about this odor that gives me an upset stomach, so I try to avoid any area that has such a lingering smell. Only recently did I learn where this smell comes from, and it isn’t about the people, but how little ventilation they have in these places. I recently moved into a new place, which had gotten no ventilation of temperature control over the previous six months. Because it had been sealed up tight, and the climate control system turned off, the lack of fresh air and circulation generated that same smelly hat I hate! I opened up all the windows, turned on all the fans, and cranked the thermostat down as far as she could go! It still took three days to get rid of that smell, and that was with a series of scented candles helping out the HVAC system. At that point I realized that I needed to maintain a positive air quality inside the house to keep that smell from coming back. This doesn’t just mean circulated the air and running the AC, it also means opening up the house on a regular basis to let in some fresh air. No matter how good your HVAC system is, it still recycles the old air, so letting in fresh air is always a good idea.

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I need better cooling and better ventilation

When I get bored, I cook.

When I get stoned, I cook.

The funny thing is that I don’t like to eat a lot, I just love the art of cooking! My neighbors all love me because I am constantly giving away most of the meals I make. The local cannabis dispensaries love me because I supply them with the best tasting edibles in this part of the world. Instead of converting my love of cooking into extra pounds, I convert it into extra dollars with my sideline home business! I recently took some of my profits and sank them into a new HVAC system for the house, specifically to help with the needs of my kitchen. My old air conditioner was stolid, and a good performer over the years, but it was no longer up to the task. When the oven was hot and I was busy cooking, the rest of the house would slowly start heating up. When I left the kitchen I would find that the entire place was balmy and warm, regardless of where the thermostat was set. I needed a new more powerful air conditioner, preferably one with zone control so I could program different temps for different rooms. In addition to an upgrade for the central HVAC, I also needed some new exhaust fans put into the kitchen. Part of my problem was the AC, but the other part of it was poor ventilation in the kitchen, which trapped foul odors and dampness in my home. Let’s hope the HVAC tech can help me, and not break the bank.



Why climate control is important for comic books and collectables

Every Saturday I have a ritual that I follow.

Being middle aged, childless, footloose, and fancy free gives me a lot of opportunities most people don’t enjoy.

All of my friends are married with children, and on their weekends they usually do chores to spend time with their families. I enjoy my freedom, and while I hope everyone else is happy, it is certainly not the life I want for myself. So every Saturday I drove to the cannabis dispensary and the comic book shop… until last week. Thanks to a faulty air conditioner, the comic shop was closed, and it threw my Saturday into complete disarray. I went to the dispensary like usual, then went home and started researching HVAC systems, and why it was so important to the comic book shop. I knew that every time I went in there the place was ice cold, and I saw once that the thermostat was locked on 65. According to what I read ,the cold temps and low humidity of climate control help to preserve the condition of old comics, which are often on cheap paper that degrades easily. The comic store was closed because without the AC running full blast, then the precious comics would be more easily damaged. With that in mind I started thinking about my own comics, which did not have a climate control system. In fact, they sat in the garage, which is not even air conditioned, and I realized that they were probably growing mildew and mold on them already! Time to get a new air conditioned, I guess.


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The kids lied about touching my thermostat

I asked the kids who had turned down the air conditioner, and they both denied doing it.

I don’t like kids in general. I have never liked kids. But my neighbor’s kids are worse than other kids, and I dislike them with a particular intensity. This can be difficult at times, because I really do like their mother. We are both single parents, and she is a very pretty woman, so I try to stay on good terms with her. But those kids are the worst, so it’s not like I would ever want to date her seriously. If you date a woman, you date her kids, and I don’t want anything to do with those entitled little jerks. The first time they came to visit, one of them snuck off and changed my thermostat settings. I noticed a few minutes later that it was getting colder than unusual, but the AC was still running full force. I went to look at the thermostat, and found a big chocolate finger smudge on the screen. I asked the kids who had turned down the air conditioner, and they both denied doing it. Their mother backed them up, and said they were honest kids and wouldn’t lie about it, so I asked how the chocolate got on the thermostat. They couldn’t answer that question, even though their guilty fingers were covered in chocolate. It isn’t that running the AC a little extra is a big deal for me, but I don’t like the disrespect they showed! If I can’t trust those snot nosed punks to be honest about a thermostat, then I can’t expect them to be honest about anything.

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